Thoughts on resourcing a curriculum topic


I am treating this task as an informal thought experiment rather than a formal academic communication and including it on my blog as part of my reflective journal record.

Task description


Choose a level of teaching and a curriculum topic and explore that area. Consider how you might go about resourcing that topic.

What types of resources would you provide?
How/where would you find them? (Combes, Fitzgerald & Croft, 2018)

Task related thoughts

Topic: Family Life Past and Present (Australian Curriculum – HASS/History Year 1 (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, n.d.))

To resource this topic, I would start by consulting the teachers who will be teaching it and ask if there were any particular units or resources upon which they were basing their programming. With that in mind, I would ask if there were any resources mentioned in those documents or plans that they would like to see provided by the library. I would also do my own search for recommendations of resources and activities for that topic and try to identify key resources that would be appropriate to be provided/facilitated by the library. If particular texts were desired, I would investigate the possibility of reserving these or pulling them into a resource kit for the topic.

I would look at providing:
Fiction texts, mostly picture books; non-fiction texts; photos; videos; links to web resources – possibly creating a Web quest or weebly or Notebook or Power Point presentation (depending on what was in use/available for use at my particular school.); perhaps I would also prepare a suitcase or chest with artefacts to tell a story about a family through time as an inquiry task.

I would look at what was available in my library catalogue and the school reading resource areas. I would also look at what was available in local public libraries so that teachers could borrow resources for their own use or encourage students to investigate related items on their own. I would search resources like the State Library of NSW and Trove for digital artefacts or inquiry lessons or excursions related to the topic. I would look at practitioner sites for lesson plans and units (Scootle, NESA, Australian Curriculum related sites, etc.). I would also ask teachers to share with me any resources they created (digital files for laminated posters, etc.) so that I could create a copy for a general resource box that could be circulated from the library. If budget allowed, I would try to have multiple copies of key texts so they could be reserved to a teacher resource box but also be available for students to check out if they fall in love with a text presented in class.

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Combes, B., Fitzgerald, L., & Croft, T. (2018). Pedagogical initiatives [ETL503 Module 1.3]. Retrieved March 5, 2018, from Charles Sturt University website:

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