Copyright: Qualms and Content Management Systems

Copyright Qualms

The information presented in Module 4 of ETL503 on copyright (Combes, Fitzgerald, & Croft, 2018) was mostly a review for me. It did however, raise some qualms for me as I browsed through material on the Smartcopy website. Questions regarding the showing of films to students, especially for recreational purposes like for wet weather lunch, and the manner in which you do that made me realise that some of my habits as a teacher may not fall under best practices. While I will endeavour to find out whether the schools I work at are subscribed to the Co-Curricular license (National Copyright Unit, n.d.b, paras. 4 – 12), it is difficult as a casual teacher to know this information when you are suddenly allocated to a wet weather duty. With different technological provision in different schools, it can also become confusing to figure out how to ethically fulfil your duties with the technology available.

Content Management Systems

I found the reading on Content Management Systems in Schools (National Copyright Unit, n.d.a) to be quite interesting. The notion that copyright material will be judged to be reloaded (and if applicable, a new fee charged) annually if left on the system. That is a good motivation for weeding the virtual collection!


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