Post-assessment reflection: literature review

Wow! That was quite a task. I was too broad in my thinking at the beginning of the task – just knowing that I would broadly like to do something related to digital literature and primary school. Because of that, and the fact that “digital literature” may not be the best term for digital literature in the research sphere, I was at sea for quite awhile. That led to my topic narrowing in a way quite different to what I may have originally intended. My path led towards comparisons of reading on the screen vs on paper, but it was not until I had nearly finished writing the paper that I realised that I had never actually used the term “screen reading” in my searches. Ah, for the literature that I might have found had I travelled a different path!

This leads me to realise why actual student research is usually done under the supervision or advisory of someone more knowledgeable in the field than the student, and why regular research projects published in journals are often done in a team and over a longer period of time! I feel as though I poured large amounts of time and energy into the effort and barely shaved the merest shred of slushie-base from the iceberg of potential information. Hopefully that is enough for the purpose, though! Now comes the three week wait for the judgement call on that issue.

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