Planning a research proposal with expert hubby help

First assessments have been returned, marked, and discussed in the weekly online meeting. I am happy with my results and impressed with the amount of feedback given by the instructor, Dr James Deehan.

Now it is time to plan a research project and draft a proposal for it. We are continually reminded that we do not have to actually do the research! It may seem slightly silly, but it can get hard to remember as you go through the process of thinking about how to calculate statistics and analyse data that you won’t actually be collecting any data so you won’t really use the calculators and such. So, the reminders are gratefully received.

It has been interesting to me because this part of the subject is really giving me an opportunity to have a real academic dialogue with my husband about my course. Mostly he is on the receiving end of my tirades about subject materials or is giving me helpful, but discipline-uninformed, feedback when proofreading my papers. This time, though, he is able to pass on his experience and understanding. He is an economist and currently the Head of the Economic Research Department at the Reserve Bank of Australia. So, he knows about research methods and statistical analysis and sound study design. He has been very helpful in suggesting design ideas for my study and explaining why some choices are better than others. He has even run dummy data through STATA at work to reassure himself and show to me that the planned method should yield reliable results!

Now to move on from thinking and planning to actually writing this thing!

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