Thoughts on genrefying a high school library

Wow! It has been a long time between posts – I guess this is what happens when blogging is not mentioned as an essential part of a subject!

Most of the assessment tasks for ETL505 were “practical” cataloguing exercises, however the final part of the final assessment was a mini-essay on the following topic:

“The literature provides good arguments for arranging primary school library collections by genres. Is this also the case for high school library collections? Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of arranging a high school library collection by genres.”

While I might debate the implication in the lead-in statement that the argument for genrefying primary school library collections is a slam-dunk, that was not my task, LOL. My quick and dirty opinion on the question we were posed – genrefication of the fiction section of the high school library is worth considering, for non-fiction I would hold off until there was a significant shift in the English-speaking library sector away from Dewey Decimal Classification for non-fiction collections. For a bit more information on why I came to those conclusions, you are welcome to read on:
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