Info era management and the school library

How does the content of Colvin’s (2000) article relate the school libraries? In point form, note down your thoughts on your blog.

  • The concepts of Taylorism (para 3) and an industrial-era factory mindset call to mind Ken Robinson’s (2010) talk about changing the educational model (find citation)
  • I feel the criticism about organisations “tinkering round the edges” of the old models rather than creating truly new, revolutionary management models (paras. 6 & 7) is something I notice in school systems. We seem to add new programs and pedagogies onto existing structures and expectations rather than stripping down to first principles and crafting our educational plan from there.
  • Embracing a vision for a 21st C school library and articulating values that you build from and manage from could be a way to lead change in the school in a values-driven way (para 10).
  • As a person who is in contact with most teachers, staff, students and even some parents in the school community, TLs should be very aware of management as a “human art” (para 12) and use their role to encourage creativity, judgement, imagination and to build relationships.


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