Taking a step forward or a blast from the past?

Life has a way of going in circles sometimes. I have just either taken a step forward into a new career direction or stepped through a wormhole and warped back in time. I have submitted an application for a position as Part Time Library Assistant at the State Library New South Wales. In doing so, I moved my former library work experiences from the mists of the deep past (1989-1995) to front and centre on the “relevant work experiences” section of my resume.

The job itself sounds quite similar to the positions I held more than twenty years ago, but feels like a step in the direction of my new endeavours. The State Library New South Wales (SLNSW) is something of my dream employer with regards to the Masters degree I am currently pursuing – my dream job within SLNSW would be creating and implementing educational programs for school excursions, incursions and digital learning, such as those featured on the website. Here’s hoping this is a step in that general direction, even if everything old is new again.



State Library of New South Wales. (2018). Schools and teachers. Retrieved from http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/learning/schools-and-teachers

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